About us

Swadhaarani Namah Shree… we bow to the mother who holds and sustains everything within her.

Swadhaarani carries with it a certain amount of reverence for us and the closest word we could think of, which embodies both the reverence and the responsibility to give back, is ‘Offering’. 

It is a not for profit organization that encourages, inspires, and enables people to take small but consistent steps, every day to reduce our impact on our immediate environment.
The philosophy is simple — One small step at a time. One person at a time.

We work with themes that address Natural Living and Sustainability. We do this through our various engagements with individuals and communities. 

The organization is based in Pune and is involved in setting up a 1.5 acre farm outside of Pune that can be a model eco space to experience and observe natural living and food growing practices.

We do believe in peoples’ infinite potential to wake up. If not today, one day. And if you believe that too and have woken up to hope, get in touch.

Love and grace,

Swadhaarani Eco Farm.

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